Hello members of ClanExcelsior!


I would like to introduce you into some 'secrets' of Raid Heroes - Total War.


But first let me shortly introduce myself.

My name’s Rudi, player name rudic88.

I’m from Germany.

Well, I think that’s sufficient 😊.

Let’s go for the gameplay!



New in this revision [2021.01.05]:

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Total War – End Phase


We’re now in period #14 of the Total War event.
Luckily, we’ve lost all our territories
This gives us the chance to massively attack in period #15, without the need to defend our territories.




… attacking takes time.

We assume that we’ll need to attack ca. 60 territories with 300 wins each.


60x300 wins = 18000 wins


This makes 900 wins per clan member.

If you play continuously and quickly, I think you can make 2.5 wins per minute.
For the 900 wins, every clan member will have to continuously play 6 hours in period #15!

I do definitely doubt that everyone can spare so much time, not even at an average.


Therefore, we came up with a two-tier strategy.
ccook, tricolore, koks and I discussed it.

·         Tier #1:
If you have enough crystals to shield a territory with 300+ shields in period #15,
then (and only then) you may win a territory in period #14.
You may also do this with multiple territories.

·         Tier #2:
In period #15 we’ll then attack 40 (or 50?) additional territories in an incremental way. First with 50 wins per territory, then upgrade wins to 100, then 150 and so on.
Here’s an example:
Another example:


This strategy allows us to win some territories in advance at the cost of many crystals for defending them. But since some of us have lots of crystals, and are generously willing to spend them, this may give us some advantages.


Advantage #1:
At the end of period #14, we’ll see, how many territories we have to defend, and how many we still have to capture. We must attack only the latter ones, giving us the change to accumulate more wins per territory.


Advantage #2:
In the beginning of period #15, we’ll have a certain number of territories.
(Hopefully, LeesClan will be confused with that
If any other clan tries to capture these, they’ll first have to overpower our shields.
If they really do so (it’s three-hundred (!) after all), it will cost them time, time they cannot spend to attack other territories.
Meanwhile, we’re massively attacking those other territories, hopefully with more wins than others.


This is a preliminary strategy that may change when period #15 has started. We do not yet know, how many territories we’re able to win in period #14.


Please check this tutorial frequently for updates.



Here are some numbers to consider:

·         How much does an attack in the TW event cost?
Answer: 6 crystals (more or less)
10 passes cost 160 crystals; for every win, 10 crystals are returned.
  -->> 160 (cost) – 10*10 (wins) = 160 – 100 = 60 crystals per 10 fights/wins

·         How many portals do I need for 1000 wins?
Answer: 334 portals or more
You can make max. 3 wins per portal.
  -->> 1000 (wins) / 3 = 333.33

·         How much crystals do I require for 300 shields?
Answer: 12000
1 shield costs 40 crystals.
  -->> 40 * 300 = 12000

·         How much time do I need for 300 wins?
Answer:   depends
😊, I can only say it from my own experience.
                I checked it in the last periods and came to an personal average
                of 2.5 wins per minute.
  -->> 300 (wins) / 2.5 = 120 minutes = 2 hours







I will keep this part for RH-TW starters short.


I assume everyone already knows that you get Standard Hero Cards randomly during raids.


You can also get two other Hero Cards by filling the daily achievement bar: King and Commander.

Other cards can be obtained from Events: Konung, Berserker, Princess, Dwarf, Arbalist, Priest, Stalker, Iron Heart and Green Arrow so far.

Character Level-Ups are at 5, 15, 35, 65, 105 and 155 cards.

Update costs (Stars) are:

·         Level 1 (15 cards):       1

·         Level 2 (35 cards):       27

·         Level 3 (65 cards):       729

·         Level 4 (105 cards):     19683

·         Level 5 (155 cards):     531441


With every level-up, your character will also unlock an additional Artifact Slot. Artifacts enhance your character stats; more about them in the corresponding chapter.





Squad Setup


The target’s simple and easy:

1.       build a strong squad

2.       smash your opponents

3.       become stronger

4.       repeat


Points 1 and 2 are essential, 3 and 4 come from alone (almost).


An absolute MUST for a strong Squad are one or two heavily armed Tanks with high HP. They will be placed in the front line, to block damage from incoming attacks and thus to protect your low-HP ranged attackers and specialists.

My favorites tanks are the Knight and the Warrior. I use the Knight since he has high base HP (180), and the Warrior (base HP: 141), well, cause he’s already quite evolved and I don’t have enough crystals to evolve the new Iron Heart unit.


Some words on Iron Heart:

He’s a new unit, introduced in one of the recent events, whose name I don’t remember.

He has very high HP (base: 200) and a neat new special ability called Break a Line. With this ability, he pushes back an enemy unit, following it and stunning every unit on his way for a short time. The push goes quite far, allowing him to quickly advance into the backrows of the enemy squad, where you usually find the enemy’s low-HP ranged and specialist units.

As soon as I’ve enough crystals, I’ll most probably replace my Warrior with Iron Heart.


Then come one or two Ranged Attackers with high DPS on their Special Skill. Since they typically have only few HP, they’re best placed in the last two lines of the squad setup.

I strongly recommend including the Blue Mage, the Archer and the Elf into your squad. Blue Mage and Archer have higher initial DPS, but Elf has the fastest attack speed.

Since one of the latest events (I think was called Orcs), there’s another ranged unit, Green Arrow. Because of its very special ranged attack, I count it to the Specialist Units described below.


Finally, I won’t go to battle without some Specialists. Since their abilities are quite different, they can be extremely helpful in various situations:

·         The Charmer can hypnotize opponent units to fight for you. She always targets the strongest unit. While already useful by its own, this may even be the matchwinner against much stronger squads, if your opponent is so careless as to have his super-power Blue Mage as his strongest unit.

·         The Princess attacks units in the opponent’s back row. Since most opponent squad have their high-DPS/low-HP ranged attackers there, the Princess may wipe them out with a single attack. The damage done by the princess is additionally healing one of your units.
Ok, since the princess’s damage is quite low (mine has ca. 93k) the healing effect doesn’t help too much on a 10B HP unit
But another interesting feature is that if the Princess attacked the right-most opponent unit. Then targeted opponent unit and the healed Warrior unit of your squad will exchange places, often teleporting one of your heavy tanks into the backrow of the enemy squad, next to the low-HP ranged and specialist units.

·         The Priest will spawn 1 skeleton every 4s. My level-37 priest’s skellies currently have ca. 58.7M HP and 9.3M DPS. An additional advantage of the priest is that, though he’s not immune to hypnosis, he never spawns skeletons fighting for the opponent. So, the priest as the unit with the highest power in your squad can help protecting other high-level units from hypnosis.

·         Green Arrow is the name of a new ranged unit that was introduced in the recent Orcs event. She (I assume a female gender) is basically a ranged unit, but with the unique special ability of Wild Arrow. This ability allows her to pierce all enemy units in a straight line. The direction in which she’s aiming is somehow random. But at least her fist shot often targets (more or less) the spot where she’s standing, mirrored into the enemy lines.
Example: when she’s standing in the top-left corner of the battlefield, her first shot will most probably target to the bottom-right corner.
I’m currently evolving my Green Arrow unit. She’s level 40 now, with 283M ranged damage.

·         Healers (Green Mage and Fairy) are of some use in the beginning. They restore HP from injured heroes, though I never found out which hero they prefer. It just seems that both healers always synchronously target the same unit.
I didn’t see any healers in more advanced squads, and also prefer not to use one, and instead focus on levelling up my tanks.

·         There are some other special skills, I find not worth mentioning, e.g. Invisibility, Rage and Revealing. Only Konung may be of some additional use since he can intimidate and drive back the whole enemy squad with his Battle Cry.




Character Evolution


Every unit has 4 stats:

·         Special Ability

·         Hit Points (HP)

·         Melee Damage

·         Speed


Apart from Speed, all stats go into the calculation of the Unit Power.

But the Unit Power is no reliable indicator for how useful a unit is in battle. This depends on many other factors.

·         Ranged Units (Red Mage, Blue Mage, Elf, Archer, etc.) have their strength, well, in their ability of ranged attacks while staying at distance, unreachable for melee attackers.
So it’s best to spend most effort in evolving their Special Ability.

·         Tanks (Knight, Warrior, Commander, Iron Heart, Konung, etc.) already have high base HP. They’re most useful as bullet catchers, and for keeping the opponent at distance from the own ranged units.
Mainly evolve HP here!

·         Specialists (Princess, Priest, Charmer, Healers, etc.) have very powerful special abilities that need evolving.


Summing up it can be stated: don’t waste crystals for stats you don’t need for your unit’s class!


This means that a perfect squad may only have, let’s say a total power of 10M after some time. But it will easily sweep away some 10B opponent squad that is badly set-up, and there are many of them.

Without wanting to brag, just as an example: though my own squad is far from being perfect, my highest arena/castle attack power ratio was ca. 250000, meaning that the attacked opponent had a 250k times higher nominal squad power than mine (20T vs. 5.0b). Nevertheless, I won in 15 seconds.


You can use the Castle Attacks during the main raid to find those Paper Tiger Squads, and also for general fight and squad setup training. Play with different line-ups, lure protectors away from weak specialists, find out where different unit speed is an advantage, and much more…

Another positive side-effect: when winning you get some crystals, stars and gems. Some players use castle attacks as one of their main sources of income.


More tips and tricks on Fight Strategies will come soon in a new section.


Some thoughts about the Speed stat:

Initially unit speed ranges from 2 to 4, depending on the unit type.

Maximum speed is always the double of the initial value and can only be reached when evolving speed until level 60.10. Nobody will do that…

But there are some units with very high initial speed: Assassin, Poisoner, Barbarian and Stalker.

If you’re in need of a unit that can quickly get in touch with some opponent unit, think about using those. A possible use-case may be to get in melee range of a ranged or specialist unit, and such preventing it from using its attack.


Spending too much on the Melee Damage stat is not very useful in my opinion. Because when focusing on melee attacks, the unit must get close to the opponent, and with low HP is an easy target for any ranged ‘defender’ in the back-row.

But having some melee DPS may come in handy if the unit manages to get close to a typical low-HP unit like an archer, mage or priest. Then the opponent unit can be knocked-out with just a few bashes.


Questions arose how to prevent the Blue Mage from being the unit with the highest unit power.

Here are some possibilities:

·         Give your main tank some points on attack and special ability,

·         Evolve your priest’s special ability; it counts double.



Getting strong with Artifacts


Artifacts are an easy and useful way to enhance your units’ stats, especially when evolving costs more and more crystals.


Initially every unit has one artifact slot. For every rank-up it gets one more, summing up to a maximum of 6 slots. Opening an artifact slot costs you Stars, upgrading the artifacts as well.


Artifact Upgrade cost (Stars):

·         Level 1:    1

·         Level 2:    8

·         Level 3:    64

·         Level 4:    512

·         Level 5:    4096

·         Level 6:    32768

·         Level 7:    Level-6 cost x8




For green (common) and orange (rare) heroes there’s increased cost to open some artifact slots:

·         Opening the 5th and 6th artifact slot of green/common heroes costs 10k stars.

·         Opening the 6th artifact slot of orange/rare heroes also costs 10k stars.


With every level the base stats of an artifact are multiplied by the level number.


·         Level 1 Armor = +20% HP

·         Level 2 Armor = +40% HP



There are many different artifact types for enhancing a unit’s Special Ability, its HP, its Melee Damage or a combination of two or all three stats.


Additionally, there are three Artifact Classes:

·         Common / Green

·         Uncommon / Yellow

·         Legendary / Red


The higher the rarity, the higher the artifact’s bonus will be.

When getting a new artifact, it’s always common/green.

As soon as you have unlocked the Forge in the Castle, you can reforge an artifact to upgrade its class by spending Yellow or Red Gems.

·         Upgrade common/green to uncommon/yellow: use Yellow Gems

·         Upgrade uncommon/yellow to legendary/red: use Red Gems


The Forge also allows you to change an artifact into another (random) type, consuming Green Gems.
Good to know: when using the forge to change an artifact’s type, its level stays the same!


Artifact re-forging costs 100 to 1000 gems of the corresponding color.

The number of gems you spend is related to the probability for your upgrade/change to succeed.

I typically spend 1000 gems for upgrading, but it’s on you to decide if you want to spend less and gamble 😊.


How to reforge an artifact:

1.       Go to Heroes Menu.

2.       Select a character.

3.       Click on an artifact.

4.       Select ‘Reforge’.

5.       Click the (i) on the artifact to check its stats before and after reforging.

6.       Click (+) and (-) to adjust cost/probability of reforge.

7.       Click ‘Reforge’ to do it (and don’t blame me if you gambled and lost!).


Here’s an example for an artifact’s base bonus related to its class:

·         Common/green Armor: +20% HP

·         Uncommon/yellow Armor: +32% HP

·         Legendary/red Armor: +40% HP


Artifact effects multiply!

So, if you have 5 armor artifacts on a unit this makes a really great effect.


My Knight has 5 armor artifacts with +240% HP bonus each.

This makes a total HP multiplier of 454!

(100% + 240%) pow 5 = 454.35424


Finally, artifacts can be exchanged between characters.

The procedure is like that for reforging. Just select ‘Change’ in step #4 above. A list of possible exchange partners and artifacts will appear. The process of exchanging artifacts is a bit cumbersome, but well…

Good to know is, that although the artifact info may state that it’s restricted to some character class (mage, archer or warrior type), you can put it on any unit. Just play with the change option.

Additionally, you can put multiple artifacts of the same type on a unit. Though this seems ok for some finger rings or amulets, it may be extremely uncomfortable for a warrior to wear three body armors. In RH-TW he does 😊.





Castle Upgrades


The Castle generates resources over time, regardless whether you’re actively playing or idling.

There are 12 different building that must be unlocked by the player while he proceeds in the game. Some of the buildings are quite useless, but most of them generate constant and useful income. Here’s a list of the buildings and my proposals for using and upgrading them.


·         Castle:
Generates 10 Gold / minute, if not upgraded.
Maximum capacity reached in 10 minutes.
Pretty useless if you ask me, even for beginners.

·         Market:
Generates 50 Gold / 5 minutes, if not upgraded.
Maximum capacity reached in 50 minutes.
Pretty useless as well.

·         Arena:
Generates 1 Star per Building Level per hour.
Very useful!
Also allows access to the PvP arena and taking part in the weekly Arena Contest.
My mine currently has level 36; next upgrade will cost 525b gold (small ‘b’
The Arena income increases with the Arena League you’re in:
à Newbie League: +0%
à League 1: +50% (you’re in League 1, when you have 100 .. 499 Arena Points)
à League 2: +100% (500 .. 699 Arena Points)
à League 3: didn’t check (700 .. 899 Arena Points)

Income also increases with Blazons.

·         Gold Mine:
Generates 250 Gold / 25 minutes, if not upgraded.
Maximum capacity reached in 250 minutes.
Pretty useless for most players, just beginners may benefit from gold generation overnight or in longer breaks.

·         Barracks:
Generates one Common/Green Hero Card per 4 hours.
While generation speed is constant, the maximum holding capacity for uncollected cards depends on the building level.
Do not update more than required to not lose cards. I updated e.g. until level 6 only.
When all green cards are collected, the building becomes useless anyway.

·         Crystal Mine:
Generates 1 Crystal per Building Level per hour.
Immensely useful!
My Crystal Mine currently has level 36; next upgrade will cost 525b gold.
Income also increases with Blazons.

·         Magic Tower:
Generates 1 Portal Pass per 12 hours.
While generation speed is constant, just the maximum holding capacity depends on the building level. Do not upgrade more than required

·         Tavern:
Generates one Rare/Orange Hero Card per 6 hours.
Otherwise the same applies as for the Barracks.

·         Palace:
Generates 1250 Gold / 125 minutes, if not upgraded.
Maximum capacity reached in 1250 minutes (ca. 21 hours).
Pretty useless for most players, just beginners may benefit from gold generation overnight.
But when unlocking the Palace you also get access to Clans, but that you already know

·         Hall of Heroes:
Generates one Epic/Purple Hero Card per 8 hours.
Otherwise the same applies as for the Barracks and the Tavern.

·         Laboratory:
Generates 1 Trap Card per 12 hours.
While generation speed is constant, just the maximum holding capacity depends on the building level. Do not upgrade more than required
After unlocking the Laboratory you are now also able to place a maximum of two traps in your Castle and Arena Defense.
Traps can be placed and upgraded like Heroes, just the do not have any artifact slots.

·         Forge:
Produces 1 Green Gem per Building Level per hour.
Having a Forge also allows you to upgrade your artifacts, and to reroll them if you don’t like them
Very useful until your squad is fully equipped with optimal artifacts! But this takes some time.
My Forge currently has level 12; next upgrade will cost 1.39c gold.

In general, I’d recommend upgrading the castle building as far as possible (and useful) without spending any crystals for buying gold in the shop. I made an exception for the Arena, the Crystal Mine and the Forge since getting resources is essential for upgrading your heroes.


One word to buying gold in the Shop:

The further advanced you are in the Main Raid, the more gold per 1/10/100 crystals you will get in the shop. So, if you absolutely need to buy gold in the shop, first advance in the raid as far as possible.




Farming Stars, Crystals and Gems


For evolving your heroes and artifacts you need resources, Crystals, purple Stars, Green, Yellow and Red Gems. You will, of course, need a lot of Gold, too. But when proceeding in the raid, I always earned more than enough gold for updating all my heroes to their maximum level.


Currently my most evolved unit is the Blue Mage with level 44 on his Special Skill. This costs some ‘a’ amount of Gold, but when reaching Main Raid level 370 that’s no longer worth mentioning compared to what you get for every raid fight. Remember the building levels in my Castle that were reached with the gold from raids alone.


As you know, Crystals are required for evolving your units. There are a couple of sources for crystals as you already know:

·         For earning 400 medals you can get 100 crystals from the Quest Achievement Bar once a day (every 20 hours to be exact).

·         For every Castle Fight on the main raid that you win, you get 10 crystals. This is not much but helps a lot, especially when the trader is up to come soon and you’re low on crystals for refreshing the trader’s offers.

·         Another opportunity for getting crystals is the Arena.
Once every week you’ll get rewarded according to tour arena rank.
All players in the top-1000 get a price.
I’m unsure, but I think you need at least one Arena Star to get a prize.

·         Another minor source of crystals are some Event Quests.

·         And finally, there’s the Trader, as described in the correlated section.


Purple Stars are used for leveling-up your artifacts. Sources are:

·         Every 10th fight in the Main Raid rewards you with some Stars.
Also when restarting the raid you get stars, the further you reached in the raid, the higher the reward.

·         For winning Castle Fights you also get 10 purple stars.

·         My main source of Stars is the Quest Achievement Bar. When filling it completely with 10k medals, you get 4100 Stars per 20 hours, multiplied by the Blazon Effect!

·         There are also some Stars in the Arena Reward every weekend.


Finally, there are Green, Yellow and Red Gems that you need for re-forging your artifacts:

·         Green Gems are farmed with the Forge building in your castle.

·         For winning Castle Fights you also get 5 Gems of all three types.

·         And the Arena Award contains some Gems of all colors, too.





Farming Medals


Medals are required for filling the Quests Bar and for the Clan Chest.


With filling the quest bar, you get valuable reward:

·         400 Medals à 100 Crystals

·         800 Medals à 100 Stars

·         1200 Medals à 3 Portal Passes

·         1600 Medals à 1 Commander Card

·         2000 Medals à 1 King Card

·         4000 Medals à 1k Stars

·         6000 Medals à 1k Stars

·         8000 Medals à 1k Stars

·         10000 Medals à 1k Stars


When the quest bar is completely filled-up with 10k stars, there are no more rewards.

It resets every 20 hours.


As soon as you have collected all 155 King/Commander cards, you’ll get 1k Stars instead.


Be aware that the rewards are multiplied by 2 while you have a Blazon of the Leader active. For a Blazon of the Commander or of the King, the multiplier is 3.


So, if you completely fill the quest bar while a blazon of the commander or king is active, you will get:

·         300 Crystals

·         12300 Stars

·         9 Portal Passes

·         3 Commander Cards (or another 3k Stars)

·         3 King Cards (or 3k Stars again)


Now we’re finished with what you get.

Now let’s see what you have to do to accomplish that.


There are several ways for earning medals:

·         10 medals for winning a fight

·         100 medals for evolving a hero unit

·         1 medal for upgrading a hero, collecting goods from the castle and some other actions


My main source for medals is Upgrading Heroes. Though there’s only 1 medal per unit upgrade, it cumulates greatly.


Here are two examples from my own gameplay:

1.       It takes me 30 minutes to reach raid #130, giving me 1300 medals and ca. 40M gold in return.
Upgrading my squad evenly takes another 4 minutes and brings 6044 medals.
Restarting the raid, and what I gathered from the raids sums up to 390 stars.
Total outcome in 34 minutes:

o   7344 Medals

o   390 Stars

2.       For beating raid #35 in the ‘Devil in the Desert’ event I get ca. 22B Gold (+ 10 medals) in 30 seconds.
Upgrading my squad evenly takes another 4 minutes and brings 6883 medals.
Then I restart the raid to clear the unit stats again.
Total outcome in < 5 minutes:

o   6893 Medals

o   No Stars


So, if you’re not out for stars and want to collect medals, do Example #2 repeatedly and fill your Quest Achievement Bar easily. In addition, you greatly contribute to opening the Clan Chest.

I intentionally did not include the benefit you gain from the Quest Bar, since this can be collected only once per 20 hours.




When the Trader comes…


In the Main Raid the Trader will come every 5 hours.
The 5 hours are not related to ‘real-time’ though, i.e. the trader will come back 5 hours after his last appearance.

But the trader will not come from alone. You must win some Raid, Arena or Event fight to trigger him. Sometimes it may really require many fights until the trader comes.


What benefit can you have from the Trader?

There are many if you know how to prepare best.


1.       The trader gives you a Free Gift Chest with a random content.
The chest may reward you with some gold, stars, crystals, gems or even blazons.
The higher the gift value, the lower the probability to get it.

2.       The trader sells Crystals for Gold.
This is his most useful offer in my opinion, especially when you know how to get the crystals almost for free. Some hints on this you will find below.

3.       The trader sells Blazons for Crystals. The Blazon of the Leader costs 320 crystals, Blazon of the Commander goes over the counter for 1.32k, and King’s Blazon for 6.4k crystals.
Blazons are most useful if used optimized. More on this topic you find in the correlated chapter.

4.       The trader sells 100 yellow gems for 200 green gems.
Very useful if you want to reforge your artifacts to ‘uncommon’ class.

5.       The trader also sells 100 red gems for either 300 green gems or 150 yellow ones.
If you’re short on red gems for reforging an artifact to ‘legendary’ class, this is a way to get some.

6.       Finally, the trader offers Hero and Trap Cards in exchange for gold or crystals. I typically took all of them that were offered for gold. Because the faster you get the green cards, the more often you get orange and purple ones as a raid reward.


Like stated above, I regard the possibility to get crystals from the trader as his most useful feature. But buying crystals from the trader costs, lots of gold on first glance:

·         10 crystal are sold for 10x the current Main Raid reward.

·         100 crystals: 100x raid reward

·         1000 crystals: 1000x raid reward


Winning main raid fights doesn’t help much here, so there are three options that help:

1.       You can use Portal Passes to further advance in the raid and get the gold for it, until you have enough to buy the crystals from the trader.

2.       You can buy gold from the shop (for crystals) until you have enough for buying the crystals. This can usefully be combined with option #1 above.
1k crystals from the trader cost gold equal to 5x 100 crystals in the shop.
So if you are in a hurry and already have 500 crystals, sell them in the shop for gold and buy the 1k crystals from the trader, doubling your stake.
This also works for 100 crystals from the trader, with the gold equivalent of 7x 10 crystals in the shop
à gain: 30 crystals.

3.       Finally, after 5h are over you can wait for the trader on a low main raid level and do some lucrative Event fights until the trader comes. Most Event Quests (except e.g. the ‘King’ event) reward you with enough gold to buy any crystal offer from the trader’s shop.


If there’s no interesting offer in the Trader’s Shop (or you’re greedy 😉), you can let him exchange his offers by spending some crystals. With every exchange the cost rises:

·         1st exchange: 5 crystals

·         2nd exchange: 20 crystals (previous cost +15)

·         3rd exchange: 45 crystals (+25)

·         4th exchange: 80 crystals (+35)

·         5th exchange: 125 crystals (+45)

·         6th exchange: 180 crystals (+55)

·         7th exchange: 245 crystals (+65)

·         8th exchange: 320 crystals (+75)



I typically exchange 5 times, sometimes 6 times, and most of the times I get 1k crystals from the trader one or two times. But be warned, it’s quite random what the trader offers. I also buy Blazons if offered and if I have enough crystals.


One more hint on the trader:

If it happens that you’re on some high Main Raid level when the trader comes, you may restart the raid before refreshing the trader’s offers. The new prices after refreshing will then be based on Main Raid level #1, i.e. 10k Gold for 1k Crystals (multiplied by Blazon effect if applicable). Then fight one lucrative Event Quest fight and you’ll have enough gold for the trader, regardless whether you win or lose that fight.


Oh, before I finally forget it:

The trader will stay for 5 minutes before disappearing again. Watch his timer!


And another hint comes into my mind:

Pay attention when starting Arena Fights while the trader is still present.
This may cause the loss of 1 Arena Pass, when you start an Arena Fight when the trader is just disappearing.

This bug was already fixed, thanks to our great game developers!



Getting more out of the Trader


I’ve good news for all friends of RH:TW, especially those in our great ClanExcelsior! !

Unfortunately, it only helps if you have two computers on which you can play RH:TW .


As you may already know, I’m frequently playing RH:TW on two computers, alternately.

When now changing from one computer to the other one day (ok, my partner drove me away for home-office work, phew) I realized, that I still had one spare Arena Ticket, although I had spent all of them before changing computers. And the 20 minutes for getting a new ticket had not yet expired.

‘Quite strange’, I thought.


After some experiments, I realized that when changing computers, I started with the last server-stored synchronization from the other machine. With ‘server-stored synchronization’ I mean the game state at the moment, when the green storage indicator on the left-top screen corner appears (see icon (C) below).


(A) server storage is up to date

(B) there is unstored data

(C) data storage finished


Try the following on ONE computer.
A balance of 1000 gold is assumed at the beginning of the test.

1.       Wait until there green storage indicator on the left-top of the screen vanishes and state (A) is reached as shown above.

2.       Go to the Heroes screen and select a hero whose special ability is at level 1.0.

3.       Activate the x10 option and upgrade one hero’s special ability from level 1.0 to 2.0.
This will cost 156 gold.
à Your gold balance drops from 1000 to 844.
Watch the storage state on the left-top!
After upgrading the hero, it will change from (A) to (B)
à there is unstored data.
A few seconds later, the green triangle will appear: data storage is finished: (B)
à (C).
Soon afterwards, the green triangle will vanish: (C)
à (A).

4.       Now upgrade the same hero’s special from 2.0 to 3.0.
This will cost 322 gold. Therefore, your balance will drop to 522 gold.
Directly afterwards and before the green triangle shows up, close your browser.

5.       Restart your browser and RH:TW, then go to the Heroes screen and check the hero and the gold balance.
I bet that the hero will still be at level 3.0, and your gold balance is at 522.


Well, you may ask: ‘What’s the trick now? There’s nothing unexpected!’

And you’re right!

After restarting the game, you’re at exactly the same point as when you closed the browser.

But how did this happen, when the green storage indicator hadn’t popped up before closing the browser?

Answer: there’s a local storage of your game state and scores on your computer that’s loaded when you restart the game, provided there’s no newer savegame on the server.


Hold on, provided WHAT?

Hmmm… could be worth a try …



Try the same with TWO computers.
Please make sure that RH:TW has been running recently on both of the computers before, and that you’re logged in. Be aware that you must not run RH:TW simultaneously on two machines for the same user. You will get a blocking error message on one of the computers then.

Ok, let’s do it!

1.       [computer #1]
Wait until there green storage indicator on the left-top of screen vanishes and state (A) is reached.

2.       [computer #1]
Go to the Heroes screen and select a hero whose special ability is at level 1.0.

3.       [computer #1]
Activate the x10 option and upgrade one hero’s special ability from level 1.0 to 2.0.
This will cost 156 gold.
à Your gold balance drops from 1000 to 844.
Watch the storage state on the left-top!
After upgrading the hero, it will change from (A) to (B).
A few seconds later, the green triangle will appear: data storage is finished: (B)
à (C).
Soon afterwards, the green triangle will vanish: (C)
à (A).

4.       [computer #1]
Now upgrade the same hero’s special from 2.0 to 3.0.
This will cost 322 gold. Therefore, your balance will drop to 522 gold.
Directly afterwards and before the green triangle shows up, close your browser.

5.       [computer #2]
Start the browser and RH:TW on the other computer, then go to the Heroes screen and check the hero and the gold balance.
Tataaa! The hero will be at level 2.0, and your gold balance is still at 844.
Those are the values of the last server storage.


But what’s the benefit?

None, obviously!


But if you think BIG, there are a lot of possibilities to create benefit out of nothing.


Ok, what do we know now?

#1     When changing computers, RH:TW loads the last score from the server.

#2     It takes ca. 10s after spending some gold until the green triangle appears.

#3     Within these 10s, I can re-roll the Trader’s offers two or three times.


When combining this knowledge, we come to our third and final try.



Try the following with TWO computers.
Be prepared to have enough gold for buying 5 times 1k crystals from the Trader.
You must have the gold before the Trader comes, e.g. from Event fights!

1.       [computer #1]
Fight Event, Arena or Main Raid fights until the Trader appears.
Enter the Trader’s shop and buy everything you want and can afford.
Then watch the green triangle appear and disappear, and you’re in storage state (A) again.

2.       [computer #1]
Re-roll the Trader’s offers.

a.       If there’s anything you really want to buy (e.g. 1k crystals), buy it.
Then wait for the green triangle and repeat step 2.

b.       If there’s nothing of interest, quickly close the browser before the green triangle comes, and go to the other computer.

3.       [computer #2]
Start RH:TW.
Fight one Main Raid fight (or spend some gold), enter the Trader’s shop afterwards.
Then wait for the green triangle to pop up.
Note: a fight or spending some gold is required to force a new server-storage from the 2nd computer.

4.       [computer #2]
Re-roll the Trader’s offers.

a.       If there’s anything you really want to buy (e.g. 1k crystals), buy it.
Then wait for the green triangle and repeat step 4.

b.       If there’s nothing of interest, quickly close the browser and go to step 5 below.

5.       Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other computer until re-rolling becomes too expensive or the Trader disappears.

6.       Finally, if your very last re-roll was not successful, you must re-start RH:TW one more time on the other computer.
Spend some gold or fight any fight to force server storage and thus to reset to the score from before the last re-roll.


Well, that’s all.

You must try it to believe it!


Since I know this trick, I make between 2k and 6k every time the Trader appears.

You can even proceed to re-rolls that cost 500 crystals or more. Because if there’s no 1k crystals after re-rolling, you can always go back to the state before on the other computer and retry.

Pity just, that the Trader always leaves after 5 minutes.


Last but not least:

Do NOT write anything about this in the official chat 😊.





Optimizing Blazon effects


Blazons increase your castle income, as well as the raid income. I try to have a blazon active as often as possible.


·         Blazon of the Leader:
+20% Castle Income on Gold, Crystals, Stars and gems
+20% Gold in Raids
+100% rewards from the Quest Achievement Bar (Hero Cards, Crystals, Gems, Portal Passes)
+ 1 hero in attack squad (not applicable for defense squads)
Duration: 24 hours

·         Blazon of the Commander:
+100% Castle Income on Gold, Crystals, Stars and gems
+100% Gold in Raids
+200% rewards from the Quest Achievement Bar
2x multiplier on Event Raid Rewards (Hero Cards, Crystals, Gems)
+ 1 hero in attack squad
Duration: 24 hours

·         Blazon of the King:
+100% Castle Income on Gold, Crystals, Stars and gems
+100% Gold in Raids
+200% rewards from the Quest Achievement Bar
2x multiplier on Event Raid rewards (Hero Cards, Crystals, Gems)
+ 1 hero in attack squad
Duration: 168 hours = 1 week

Though the blazon effects are always useful, they may be optimized depending on what you want to achieve.

·         If you need LOTS of Stars, then activate the blazon with respect to the Quest Achievement Bar’s reset. Procedure:

o   Fill the Quest Achievement Bar without collecting the rewards.

o   Activate your blazon of choice < 1 hour before the Achievement Bar resets.

o   Instantly collect the rewards.

o   Since the blazon is active for 24h, and the Achievement bar resets every 20h, you can collect the rewards three times while your blazon of the Commander/King is active.

·         If you want to get most out of Event Raids, e.g. Hero Cards and/or Gems, then activate it with respect to the Event Raid reset.

o   Activate the blazon while the Event Raid is no further advanced than Raid #9, i.e. before any ‘good’ rewards were collected from the Event Raid.

o   Fight the Event Raid as far as possible to collect maximum rewards from it.

o   Since the blazon is active for 24h, and Event Raids reset every 12h, you can also collect the rewards three times while the blazon of the Commander/King is active.


Both strategies can be combined, of course.

This doesn’t directly apply for the Blazon of the King because that’s active for a whole week.
Within one week you can cover one whole Event duration, which is typically one week. In this week, you can cover 9 Quest Achievement Bars (20h each) and/or 14 Event Raid Rounds (12h each).



Optimizing Income


Since I’m working during normal business hours (or sometimes even longer), and have a family to care for, there’s not much time for intense playing…

Nevertheless, there’s an easy way to increase your income in Stars and Medals.


Use an Auto-Clicker!


All you need is:

7.       an Auto-Clicker app of your choice,

8.       some minutes to configure or learn it

9.       and, well, a spare computer to run RH:TW with the Auto-Clicker…


You’ll still need some time for upgrading your heroes, but only once in a while when they get too weak while progressing in the raid.


My typical raid is like this:

a.       I start at Raid level #1.

b.       Then I use the Auto-Clicker to progress until ca. raid #150 and (manually) upgrade my units evenly from the earned gold.

c.       I continue until ca. raid #260, then upgrade my squad again.

d.       Next upgrade break will be around raid #340.


A whole raid takes me 3-4 hours or sometimes even more. Thereof I’m actively on the PC only for max. 30 minutes for upgrading the squad, making some arena fights and pillaging the trader when he comes. That way I’m running through 3-4 raids per day, making ca. 10k Stars out of it.


When there’s any high-income event ongoing, it’s even easier. I first fight 10-20 event raids, before upgrading my units. It then may happen that I can reach Main Raid level #340 without any breaks in-between.


My favorite Auto-Clicker is Mouse Recorder Pro 2. I already used it for the predecessor game RH:SaM.

It can record your mouse and keyboard input, optimize and edit it.

Since the recoded files are plain text, they can be reworked and modified with a simple text editor.






From time to time, events are starting.

Most events have 100 or 200 raids and reward you with crystals, yellow/red gems and, most important, special Hero Cards.


Some events allow you to use every combination of heroes, while others have some restrictions.

Some events are really easy-peasy, while others are impossible to finish, at least if you don’t want to spend thousands of crystals on skills/units you normally don’t need.


Here’s a summary of the recent events.

Since I don’t recall all the events, the list will be updated frequently with new and repeatedly returning events.


Northern Alliance:

·         Raids: 100

·         Units: Barbarian, Warrior, Viking, Konung, Berserk, Iron Heart and Sub Zero

·         Opponents: Giant (Battle Cry), Golem of the North (Freeze), Dusk Elf (Archer), Ogre Leader (Scatter), Dark Mage (Poison all), Toxic Cyclops (Poison) and various Skeletons

·         Rewards: Berserk, Iron Heart, Frost, maybe also some gems.

·         Reward for Raid #1: ca. 8.9M Gold (good for buying Crystals from the Trader)

·         Very hard!
I only reached raid 38, regardless how much I tried.
I gave my level-33 Warrior 5 artifacts accumulating to 133x Attack, 133x Special and 3.4x Health (ca. 4M HP), but in the end he was either dead or the raid timed-out.


Clean Sands:

·         Raids: 100

·         Units: only “Common” Heroes: Knight, Iron Heart, Assassin, Archer, Elf, Green Witcher and Frost

·         Opponents: Werewolf (Scatter), Gnoll (Stun), Ancient Priest (Heal), Mummy (Poison All), Gnoll Hyena (Poison), Demon (Scatter), Skeleton (Double Hit), Pharaoh (Lightning), Devil (Fireball), Mephisto (Invisibility)

·         Rewards: 5x Stalker, Yellow Gems

·         Reward for Raid #1: ca. 482B (good for buying Crystals from the Trader)

·         Not too hard, if one of your common Tanks (e.g. Knight) has high HP and you have two high-DPS ranged units (e.g. Elf and Archer). Mephisto may require some special attention though, since he’s invisible quite long, and may easily approach and kill your ranged attackers in the backrow.



·         Raids: 100

·         Units: Commander, Fairy, Charmer, Archer, Princess, Arbalist, Green Arrow, Elf

·         Opponents: Shipboy (Stun), Goblin (Stun), Orc (Stun), Dusk Elf (Archer), Ogre (Scatter), Mad Orc (Berserk), Rogue (Wild Arrow)

·         Rewards: 5x Green Arrow, Yellow Gems

·         Reward for Raid #1: ca. 4B (good for buying Crystals from the Trader)

·         Not too hard, if you have two or three high-DPS ranged units, especially Green Arrow.



·         Raids: 100

·         Units: Only Epic Heroes

·         Opponents: diverse Skeletons (Double Hit, Stun, Scatter), Mage (Hypnosis), Wizard (Lightning), Orc (Stun), Toxic Cyclopses (Poison Attack), Dark Mage (Poison)

·         Rewards: Red Gems

·         Reward for Raid #1: ca. 100B

·         Medium difficulty, if you have a good tank and your Blue Witcher has some levels (and range).
Dark Mages with their ranged Poison Attack can be quite annoying, if in the first attack rows, or if combined with a Mage (Hypnosis).


Royal Campaign:

·         Raids: 200

·         Units: Konung, King and Princess

·         Opponents: diverse Pirates (Stun, Scatter), Dusk Elf (Archer)

·         Rewards: 5x Princess, 5x Konung, Yellow and Red Gems

·         Reward for Raid #1: 10 Gold for some time … (at Raid #150, I get ca, 660k Gold).

·         Really easy, as long as one of your heroes has some HP (e.g. Konung) and one unit does some damage, such as the Princess. 70k damage per hit and 500k HP should be enough.


To be continued…




Clan Wars


Clan Wars is an event where you fight against opponents from other clans to gain points for your own clan, i.e. ClanExcelsior! J

The duration of the Clan Wars is (as far as I know) one week.

The three best clans will be awarded Crystals, Stars and, best off all, new stylish and unique equipment for your avatar.

Please refer to Ananaska93’s post from August 24.


There has been one Clan Wars event by now, where ClanExcelsior! made a great 2nd rank.

The next Clan Wars event will start on September 1, 2020. Be prepared, fighting for 1st!



How does Clan Wars work?


There will be an event screen for Clan Wars that looks like a map.

On the Clan Wars Map you will find the castles of three opponents from other clans.


For every Clan Wars Fight, you must pay with an Arena Pass.

Though this is on the cost of your Arena Progress, I recommend fighting (and winning) as many Clan Wars fights as possible, contributing to the Clan Wars Progress of the whole clan.


Apart from Arena Passes, you will need lots of Portal Passes!

Portal Passes can be used to refresh the opponent selection on the Clan Wars Map.

So, if you have fought all three opponents on the map, or if the opponents are too tough, just use a Portal Pass to see what comes next.


For hints on how to save portal passes, please refer to the section ”When the Trader comes …”. If you strategically plan when and where to meet the Trader, you won’t need any Portal Passes for cheaply buying Crystals from him.

This way, I saved more than 1200 Portal Passes in the last two months, but recently decided to spend half of them for quickly advancing in the main raid for farming Crystals (from the Castle fights) and Stars. But there are still more than 600 left J


But regardless how many Portal Passes you have saved, don’t get discouraged by the sheer numbers above! Every single point counts!

We all, also the Top-10 players, started as newbies, struggling against opponents with 10B HP, while the own squad had only 100k, always having too few resources for upgrading an urgently required unit. But where there’s a will, where’s also a way.

With time came experience on how to get the required Stars and Crystals, and how to make the best out of the squad.


Like in the last Clan Wars, I expect a heavy fight between the three top clans, especially during the last two days of the event.

I will definitively save up some k Crystals for buying extra Arena Passes during this phase (10 Arena Passes cost 160 Crystals), and am quite sure that especially the higher-ranking Clan Members will do the same.

If not yet on top, we may then take them by surprise during the last few hours…


ClanExcelsior!     GO for 1st PLACE



Fight Strategies





Unit Evolution Cost


After some trying and calculating, I found out the exact cost for evolving units.



































































































































































































Here’s also the cost for evolving 10 levels: